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Race Bibs
race bibs printing

Our race bibs have become a staple at numerous prestigious international events, both in Singapore and across the region. Whether your event is small or large, ranging from 100 to over 100,000 participants, we provide top-quality products at unbeatable prices.

Each of our race numbers and bibs is crafted to be both tear-resistant and waterproof, ensuring durability and reliability.

Moreover, we offer the unique service of personalising each bib with participants' names. This bespoke feature allows your event to stand out, offering a truly individualised experience for each runner. Supporters can now cheer on their favourite participants by name as they pass by, and emcees can add a personal touch by announcing them as they triumphantly cross the finish line. Choose our bibs for an event that’s memorable for everyone involved!

YES - Quick turn around time
YES - Full Colour Printing
YES - Personalised Printing
YES - Participants Emergency contact and medical information can be printed on the back of the race bib
YES - Any font type / colour
YES - Mixture of different Font Colours / Stroke / Shadow Styles in the same number
YES - Durable and lightweight
YES - Virtually Indestructible
YES - We can ship anywhere in the world

YES - RFID chip can be embedded

YES - Larger Size 215x170mm

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